Pairing the Right Shoes with the Dress

If you’re a fan of short prom dresses, then you aren’t alone as this hot new trend continues to grow. Once you pick the perfect dress in your favourite colour, it’s time to move on to the next task – picking the right shoes to work with the dress.

Don’t Get Tripped Up By Shoes

Shoes are one of those accessories that can literally make or break the outfit. That couldn’t be more true of when you are pairing them with short prom dresses. There is a lot of emphasis placed on your legs and shoes, and they are very noticeable – unlike with a longer style dress.

When wearing a short dress you are inevitably showing off your legs, and you’ll want to be sure your shoes allow this to happen. Some styles can actually cut you off at the ankle, breaking that sight line and making your legs appear much shorter than they are. Here’s a few tips to use when you head out shoe shopping.

  • Look for neutral skin toned shoes. If you want to create the illusion of never-ending legs, then picking a neutral skin tone is the way to go. By doing this you won’t have a break in your legs as they reach your ankles, your legs will just appear to continue.
  • Opt for delicate straps rather than chunky ones. The chunkier the straps on your shoe, the more it will break the sightline.
  • Steer clear of flats. While this isn’t exactly a fan favourite, the fact of the matter is that if you want to create the illusion of long slim legs, flats aren’t the way to go.
  • Keep things simple in general. Shoes with lots of embellishments can be beautiful, but they can also act as a distraction.

With just a little thought you will be able to pick the perfect shoes to compliment your gorgeous prom dress!

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